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5Widgets is a framework for building HTML5 canvas interfaces. 5Widgets is based on a simple idea: to enable the creation, directly on the HTML5 canvas, of GUIs using popular controls such as buttons, sliders, panels, data tables grids, charting widgets, and  the like. The advantage of this approach over the markup approach is that 5Widget can give you much more control over UI elements. 


Written in JavaScript, 5Widgets consists of a library of widgets (internally they are called parts) and a controller (UIController.js) that implements the MVC pattern. A sample host page (index.html) is included to illustrate how 5Widgets may be used.

For now, we just have a proof-of-concept prototype with a few parts including:

  • Slider
  • ScrollPanel
  • TextArea
  • ListArea
  • Button
  • ComboBox

Parts expose properties, methods, and events. Properties may be used to style the part (e.g., ForeColor) or to control how it works (e.g., )

Ways to contribute

  • Developing parts
  • Improving architecture or implementation
  • Testing
  • Fixing bugs

For more information, visit the links below:

Developer Guide
For the nerdy (or not-so-nerdy) who want to help out, this guide explains the framework at a deeper level so you can contribute code, test functionality, and write technical documentation

User Guide
For the believers (and probably skeptics) looking to take 5widgets for a (test) drive, this guide explains setup and use (or test) the framework

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